Next Conference 2014

Next Conference 2014
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The NEXT Conference is a two-day knowledge festival, where you get to explore the complexities of the digital era through multidisciplinary perspectives. Join us in Hamburg, where international visionary thinkers discuss digital trends and their impact on human behaviour, before investigating what this means for your business.

To create a truly memorable conference experience we collaborate with local partners and global brands that assist us with their brainpower, time and energy.

Business-2-Car – who to connect services and vehicles?

How can the automotive industry keep their product attractive for the “generation share” – without being conquered by Google and Apple? And who wins the race for the best business models?
Vehicle-related services such as Car2X, dynamic routing assistance, remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance are the fields in which the automotive industry can defend their cutting edge and differentiate from the internet industry. The field of consumer-related services is long lost to the smartphone world and just needs to be integrated into the car in the most convenient and intuitive way.

In the near future, automated driving will offer new possibilities to use the drive time more efficiently. Cars become mobile homes and offices. To prevent from being reduced to the role of mere “producers”, OEMs need to establish their own ecosystem based on vehicle-related data and services. And they need a partner who enables them to develop new business models together with other, non-automotive market players such as mobility providers, insurances and location-based services.

The prerequisite is a vendor-independent data aggregator, capable to securely handle and process complex data. And an open, standardized platform to easily connect and administer new partners and services. This is, where Deutsche Telekom comes into action. Our standardized platform enables service providers to connect to nearly each and every vehicle on the road. Instead of dealing with OEMs one by one, we provide a one stop solution across most manufacturers. The more attractive services are available and the more vehicles are connected, the better business models are possible for all partners. Join our mobility ecosystem!